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“Knuckle Dragger” is a mindset. It’s the dripping-with-sweat, no-nonsense person with dirty hands who gets things done. It doesn’t have to be pretty to be effective and a Knuckle Dragger is keenly aware of that fact. In the military, “Knuckle Dragger” is synonymous with words like grunt, ground-pounder and trigger-puller; they’re the ones who get down ‘n’ dirty and handle the “heavy lifting” on our nation’s behalf. When you’re a Knuckle Dragger, you know it. In fact, you embrace it and you’re damn proud. If this is you, welcome to the Union.

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Our competitors mostly use 100% cotton shirts and you probably own some. You’ve noticed they shrink. They don’t hold their shape. The collar sags. The waist bells out. They retain moisture. To us, those are all problems... but Knuckle Draggers Union has your solution.

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