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What is a Knuckle Dragger?

“Knuckle Dragger” is a mindset. It’s the dripping-with-sweat, no-nonsense person with dirty hands who gets things done. It doesn’t have to be pretty to be effective and a Knuckle Dragger is keenly aware of that fact. In the military, “Knuckle Dragger” is synonymous with words like grunt, ground-pounder and trigger-puller; they’re the ones who get down ‘n’ dirty and handle the “heavy lifting” on our nation’s behalf. In the first responder community, they’re the steel nerve street cops who run towards the gunfire and the courageous firefighters who run into the fire. In the gym, you can usually find the Knuckle Draggers near the squat cage or collapsed in a puddle of their own sweat after a killer kettlebell workout. In the workforce, a Knuckle Dragger can be found wearing a hardhat fixing roads, building towers, hauling iron, fishing commercially, welding, and everything in between. When you’re a Knuckle Dragger, you know it. In fact, you embrace it and you’re damn proud. If this is you, welcome to the Union.

The difference is in the shirt!

Knuckle Draggers Union places a high emphasis not just on the design, but on the quality of shirts we use. Our competitors mostly use 100% cotton shirts and you probably own some. You’ve noticed they shrink. They don’t hold their shape. The collar sags. The waist bells out. They retain moisture. To us, those are all problems... but Knuckle Draggers Union has your solution. KDU uses a blend of three materials to make the softest, most pliable, athletic-fitting, moves-with-you t-shirt, and it shrinks so little that it’s virtually unnoticeable. Your Knuckle Draggers shirt is perfect for the gym, the range, the mountains, and even the office. Try one on and you will immediately feel and see the difference. Wear Freedom Well.

Dear Knuckle Draggers,

As Knuckle Draggers, we believe in getting things done through hard work and discipline. We rise early and crush our daily goals while making ourselves and those around us better. We are in it to win and to help others win. We know that to do those things, we must walk the narrow path.

We believe in personal responsibility; our relationships, our careers, our health, our successes and our failures... we own them and we expect others to do the same. We take the time to learn more about the world around us, as we recognize doing so helps us to win and it helps us to help others.

We are purposeful in improving, mentally and physically. We train hard. We lift heavy. Some days we grind through workouts, but we do them nonetheless.

We believe in preserving the freedom of the United States of America. Should anyone try to take that away, they must come through us.

We respect the flag.
We respect our military and vets.
We respect the American worker.
We respect our first responders and...


- Patrick Morgan, Owner of KDU